You may be wondering what Free2Fly Ministries is…it began with a mission to reach out to families affected by disability. I started an outreach, which is still functioning in a local church, to provide help for families to attend church while their children were cared for by qualified, loving people. I am currently working to create a set of tools that other churches can use to build a program like this one. I have already consulted with other churches and will continue to reach out to provide new, safe places in the local church for people with disabilities and their families. If you would like to get more information about this aspect of Free2Fly please email me at

I always knew that this was only a facet of what God wanted me to do with Free2Fly. When He gave me the idea for Immersed I knew that it would come under the umbrella of Free2Fly Ministries. As God opens new doors to reach out to women with His message of love and freedom, I will continue to step through.

Thank you.

~Keri Lee

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