Just before the start of 2013 I received an email from a friend inviting me to join her in a new year’s resolution to read the Bible in 90 days. I thought she was crazy…I also was intrigued and my competitive “I’m a good Christian girl” inner child was shrieking and doing a happy dance. I thought if my friend could do it then so could I! Besides, reading the Bible all the way through sounded like one of those things that I should check off my list. So I agreed to make it my resolution and we started on January 1, 2013. We also decided to get together at 30, 60 and 90 days to talk about what had impacted us through the reading. Now this plan boils down to about 12-15 chapters a day and by the end of the first day I knew that I needed to use a journal to write down the things that caught my attention or I was going to forget! There was so much!! I missed a few days along the way and had to spend a couple Saturdays catching up. But I finished on time, skidding into the finish line with barely a moment to spare, my good Christian girl inner child dancing a jig, lol, and I had my journal of notes to show my journey!

By around day 75, which is about the time I was in the middle of the gospels, I knew that there was something big happening in my heart. My attitude about just checking the box was starting to change. This was no longer about a resolution, I was seeing a clearer picture of God’s plan and history because I had read it from start to finish! I felt God moving my heart to tell others about this new thing I was learning so I started Immersed ~ 90 Days in God’s Word on Facebook and invited other women to join me. We read the Bible again in 90 days only this time in chronological order. My mind was blown AGAIN with how the sequence of history showed over and over the patience, compassion and fervent love of God while still demonstrating His justice and intolerance of sin. I felt like I was making progress on my understanding of Him but I was finding that the more I knew, the more I wanted to know! So, I finished the second half of the year reading it again in 6 months in the Amplified version. Slowing down enough to soak even more of Him in. Each time things were different, aspects of stories came into focus the 3rd time that were fuzzy the first 2 times. The Bible was coming alive in ways I had not previously seen. So was my understanding of God which deepened my relationship with Him.

At the end of the year, with a full journal of notes from my 3 journeys through the Bible, I was overwhelmed with the understanding of the main point of the story…From start to finish the Bible is a story about God’s desire for a relationship with you and me and His willingness to give up everything including His son to get it. From the garden to the ark to the Israelite’s release from Egypt and their wandering in the desert; to the design of the tabernacle and the beauty of the temple; to the sacrifice on the cross and the resurrection; to the building of the church and finally His taking us home…it is ALL centered around a stunning blueprint for relationship between God and us. Even the tiniest details all point back to His earnest desire to get our attention so we will choose Him! He is passionate about us!!

You too can see this passion and draw closer to God! No matter what plan or translation you choose, as long as your heart is set on knowing God more and earnestly seeking Him then He will honor what you are doing and draw closer to you!

I am attaching several links to this page that lead to various reading plans. Remember any of the plans can be started at any point in the year, just get started!! Do it!! Be brave!! (: