A Comforting Surprise

Greetings from the banks of Big Wolf Lake in Michigan! I hope all of you are enjoying your Sunday with family. I am! We are in Michigan visiting family all week, it’s been amazing so far!!

If you are doing the ISMCs in order our next card is Comforted. On this Father’s Day I’ve been thinking about the men in my life, how much they mean to me and how their presence is a comfort to me.

I don’t know about you but the videos of soldiers returning home and surprising their families really get to me. The emotion on the faces of the children especially makes my eyes fill will tears. I love how they cling to their father or mother, clearly having missed the comfort of their arms. I wonder if we are so moved by the scene because we too are waiting for the ultimate reunion with the One who can truly comfort us? I know I long to finally be in His arms!

So over the next two weeks as you meditate on this verse or any other, remember that day IS coming! And also that He is comforting us now if we are doing His will and our hearts are sensitive to His touch.

What verse are you working on this time? Tell us!!

~Keri Lee