Try not to forget…

Wow this has been a very busy 8 weeks!! I am sorry it has been so quiet here. I have been attending or serving at retreats almost every weekend plus trying to be a good wife and mom. Things are quieting down now with the holiday season approaching, I only have one more retreat this coming weekend before a very peaceful month and a half ‘til 2015!

I have learned so much during this retreat season though, I enjoy attending retreats so much! The atmosphere of being with like-minded women who are actively seeking for a word from God is very inspiring. At each retreat I saw God move corporately and individually. He cares about and speaks to each of us in a very unique way, while still reaching the whole group.

Personally, I was reaffirmed in my calling to share God’s Word with as many women as He gives me the opportunity. Immersed was born in 2013 out of my desire to share how life changing it was to immerse my life in God’s Word and it has continued as I have seen other women find that same thing. As 2014 comes to a close I am excited to see what God does next!

I was very excited to share the Immersed Scripture Memory Cards with women from Las Vegas, Arizona, Northern Nevada and California! I do hope that some of you will join us to memorize scripture either now or with the beginning of the New Year. We will also be reading the Bible together again, I can’t emphasize enough the power of reading His story from start to finish, it WILL change your life. So be watching for posts about that as we get closer to 2015!

One last thing…yesterday I spent the day with 200 teenage girls at the RefresHer Girls Conference, and last month I met several girls from Mercy Ministries at a conference in California. I was amazed by their excitement and energy and life…and also their complete unawareness of their value, their beauty and their identity in Christ. They were all beautiful and broken…they needed to hear how precious they are to Christ! We told them over and over in the sessions, teachings, and in person; but just like those of us who are no longer teens, J they forget it quickly. Do you have a young woman in your life? She needs to hear over and over how beautiful and precious and safe she is. But she will forget, so consider giving her the gift of a reminder this Christmas.

To the sweet young woman I met in California: “A”, I am praying for you and cheering you on! Hang in there, fight for your victory!! I can’t wait to stand at the finish line and celebrate with you!! If you need a friend or encouragement along the way, I am here. Always.

To the beautiful young woman I met yesterday at RefresHer: “A”, I am praying you find your identity in your relationship with Christ, not your past. You are so much more than that! You have a Father who loves you and no matter how things look, He is there and He will never leave you alone. If you need a friend I am here. Always.

God bless you all, you are in my prayers.

Keri Lee <3