The Immersed Plan for 2015

Do you have a plan for next year? Have you considered how you can maximize your time and learn as much as possible about God? Or are you only thinking about how you will try to change yourself?

First of all, with just about 2 weeks until the New Year I want to remind you of this overwhelming truth…you are wonderfully and beautifully made!! I know that many times we approach the New Year with ideas of how we will improve ourselves. We make our New Year’s resolutions while berating ourselves for our failures this year.

Sister, remember this…as His daughter, you are flawless. You are His marvelously complex workmanship, covered by His sacrifice, loved beyond measure, and exactly enough. Oh how He loves you!!

As we prepare to enter this New Year let’s consider this verse and make our resolution to know more about Him, our Magnificent Creator!


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If you don’t already have your plan set for 2015 maybe you can be a part of ours?! We would love for you to join us! The plan has 2 parts…

Part one of the Immersed plan:

Our best chance of knowing Him with any certainty and clarity is to read His word. To that end, I would like to invite you to join me in reading the Bible in 120 days starting January 1. This 4 month plan will have you reading for 5 days a week instead of 7. It is a great way to read through the Bible at a brisk but manageable pace. I have found by personal experience that a shorter term goals is easier to achieve and manage mentally. I had a much easier time staying on track with the 90 day plan than the one year plan. This plan is not as intense as the 90 day because each week you will only have 5 days of reading so you have some wiggle room for days when life gets the better of you. It’s gonna happen. J I will post the print out of the plan a few days before the year ends. Be brave my friends! You can do this!! And you NEED to do this, how else can you truly know your Creator?!

FYI…if 120 days seems too short or aggressive for you please do not give up before you begin. Simply go here and chose one of the other plans, then read!


Part two of the Immersed plan:

We will be joining the Siesta Scripture Memory Team (SSMT) again this year!! I am SO excited about this!! Beth Moore and her Living Proof team have developed an amazing program and accountability system. In 2014 my friend Fareen and I joined the team and memorized the book of James! But memorizing a whole book is not necessary, our friend Melissa chose 24 individual scriptures from around the Bible to memorize. The goal is to memorize a verse every 2 weeks for the year, 24 verses, 2 per month. It is the plan I based my scripture cards off of, and it works!! You can find all the important details about this here on Beth Moore’s blog.

When my grandmother was suffering from Alzheimer’s she began reliving time periods and places far in the past. Her speech was peppered with the voices of her memory; some for good and some for bad. As I watched her struggle I determined in my heart to fill my mind with God’s words, His praise, and the beauty of His name. When I am old, if my mind begins to wander I want it to find only Jesus and His voice. That is my motivation for making the scripture my primary focus.


So, there is our 2 part plan for knowing our Marvelous Creator more in 2015! Some of you may be able to do both parts and some may only do one, its ok! It isn’t necessary to do both, but pick one and do it with your whole heart! It is going to be a great year!! I will be posting more details as we get closer to January 1st. Stay tuned!!

~Keri Lee