Immersed ~ Going Deeper in God's Word

Starting Again

Update! I was able to get most of our posts back! Yay! Unfortunately, all of the comments were lost when the theme I was using crashed, so I apologize that your comments are missing. Its a total bummer. However, we will keep moving…


Finding Authenticity

The day before Easter my family stood together at 4:58 am and watched the blood moon while praying for Israel. We held hands and asked God to protect His people in Israel and America. The phenomenon of the lunar eclipse and blood moons…



Just a quick note from Keri Lee: I met Fareen over 5 years ago at a book signing. We became Facebook friends and then a few months later met for coffee to discuss our similar aspirations in book writing. Since then we have…


Happy New Year!!

So here we are on the eve of the beginning of the New Year! I love a fresh start…it is so exciting to begin again and feel the respite of a clean slate. God understood that when He told us in Lamentations 3:22-23…


The Immersed Plan for 2015

Do you have a plan for next year? Have you considered how you can maximize your time and learn as much as possible about God? Or are you only thinking about how you will try to change yourself? First of all, with just…